Why on earth do I choose clean books?

10 May 2016

I wanted to take the time and dedicate a page to answering this question. I often get the question by people who don’t know me, or who wonder why I am so passionate about my blog and the books I select to review.

First off,mylissa books let me tell you, in case you didn’t know this, Yes I am a Mormon. So being raised as a Mormon, I have been taught to value all that is honest, true, chaste, benevolent, virtuous, and in do good to all men. Don’t freak out, this is actually quite good, and even makes us Mormons pretty ok if we try to really put this into practice.

That being said, it is not the only or main purpose why I read ONLY clean books.

For years I have found it hard to find good books. I would try a new book, get to 75% and then hit a very explicit sex scene. I hated when that happened. I was so set on finding out what was going to happen, and had gotten into the story, and then that got thrown into the mix. To avoid stuff like that I generally ended up reading the same authors over and over again, and many times Inspirational Romance. Now, not that there aren’t good Inspirational Romances out there, but I have had enough to last me a lifetime. I find them too preachy, very dry, and sometimes sooo over the top (Need I say more 🙂 ).

When I was bored out of my mind with these same books over and over again, I started looking for good romantic reads that are clean, fun,
entertaining, and not at all the pushy Christian Romance. I soon discovered that there are many books out there. You just need to know where to look for them.Be different

My hope for you reading my blog, is to find a place where you can find entertaining books that are clean. I realize that standards may vary. Not all the books up on my blog have characters that live the same standards that I try to live by, but I will always review books that don’t have offensive language or explicit sex scenes in them. I have worked with many review blogs in the past. Many screen the books. One company even claimed to only distribute clean books. Imagine my shock when I came to the last part of a book I signed on to review, and tumbled into a particularly raunchy scene. When confronting them on their policy, and this discrepancy, they didn’t remove the book. There is a need for screening, and platforms for readers looking for real CLEAN READS!

I understand that this makes me different from a lot of bloggers out there, especially living in Europe. But that is alright by me. I’m fine with being a little weird that way. I’d rather be weird than untrue to myself.

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