A decade later, and the lessons I have learned
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About one and a half years ago, I wrote a very heartfelt post about books that get us through the deep and ugly in life. You can find the link here. I was moved to do so, after hearing the tragic story of my daughter’s teacher suffering a loss similar to mine. As yesterday marked the ten year mark for me, I felt it was time to write down some of my feelings, and the lessons I have learned in this decade after this life-changing experience. Let me start by saying, I am one of the very lucky, blessed women out there, who have four, beautiful children, that today are living healthy lives, and are doing well in their lives. I understand that although I have known loss, others out there have known even greater loss, and continue to face that loss on a daily basis. My loss has been softened somewhat with my “rainbow baby”. But I am getting ahead of myself. Early June 2007 I discovered I was pregnant of Buysse baby n°3, and I was ecstatic, as I was with the past two pregnancies. I was one of those women (up to that point) to get pregnant…

Perfectly Oblivious by Robin Daniels
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This book released yesterday, and I was lucky enough to get an advanced reader’s copy (ARC) to review. Robin in the sister of Kelly Oram (I have posted several reviews of her books, recently here), one of my favorites, so that’s how I picked up on this little sneak peek, and was able to snatch an early copy! Boy am I glad I did! Book Cameron Bates (Cam) could have almost any girl at Franklin High School…except for the one he wants. Unfortunately Bebe seems to be immune to his flirty charm and good looks, which means one of two things: a) she’s completely oblivious to how he feels, or b) she’s just not into him. If that’s the case, declaring his love would be disastrous for their friendship. Bianca Barnes (Bebe) has a huge problem: the universe hates her. Every time she admits feelings for a boy, he ends up falling for her sweet, popular, and beautiful sister Beth. To avoid a broken heart, Bebe has sworn herself to secrecy. Nobody can know how she feels about Cam…Ever! Neither person wants to confess their feelings, but the universe has its own plan. Out of the blue, Bebe is courted…

To Warm a Wintered Heart
To Warm a Wintered Heart by Deborah M. Hathaway
Geen categorie / 30 April 2017

I read this book a while ago, but I have been really bad at getting my reads reviewed and posted. Life has been crazy, and I have been so behind on the not necessary. Anyways, I’m really excited to share this little gem with you. Book After an uneventful season in Bath, Miss Charlotte Rosebury returns home to Warwickshire, looking forward to a visit from her mother’s friend. Their expected guest, Mrs. Worthington, has promised that her son will be accompanying her, and as Charlotte has only ever heard stories of the gentleman who rarely leaves his Yorkshire estate, she is most pleased to meet him. However, when her warm welcome is returned with a fierce frown from the handsome man, she cannot help but long to be free of him and his blue-eyed glare. Despite his mother’s protests, Mr. Gabriel Worthington had made the decision long ago to remain unmarried, but when he meets Charlotte, doubts about his decision creep into his fearful mind, and he wishes for nothing more than to flee from the woman and never return. For weeks, the two are forced to live within the same home, and though they provoke one another with teasing…

The Day He Went Away
The Day He Went Away by Jennifer Millikin
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I finished this book way back in January, but I have gotten way behind on posting all of my reviews. Life has caught up, and given me a few curveballs along the way these last couple of months. Anyways, this was an interestind read, find out why! Book It took 20 years for perfectionist PR pro Kate Masters to fall for her best friend, Army scout Ethan Shepherd, but only seconds for their lives to shatter. When an ill-fated deployment cuts short Ethan’s life, Kate’s perfectly planned future vanishes. Heart in pieces, Kate abandons who she is for a reckless and dangerous existence. Army medic Nick Hunter made a promise to Ethan, his brother-in-arms, before tragedy ripped his friend away. Upon leaving the military, Nick moves to Ethan’s hometown, his determination to uphold his promise as strong as his need to heal his own broken heart. What he finds when he arrives isn’t at all what he thought he was getting into. Kate isn’t interested in healing, making it impossible for Nick to keep his promise. To survive grief this profound, Kate must learn how to forge a new path, and open herself up to the possibility of an unplanned…

You are AMAZING!!
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These past few weeks I have been thinking a lot. It started off with a Facebook friend of mine posting about the tragic loss of her brother who took his own life. Then a week or so later another friend posted about his brother trying to end his life, and ending up on life support. Sadly he lost his fight, and has moved on to heaven. During all of this I heard on the news that approximately 30 people end up in the ER every day after an attempted suicide in Flanders, that is the Flemish speaking part of Belgium. I was shocked to think about that statistic. This is a real problem, something that affects so many people, and seems to get such little attention. It seems to be, as with most problems, if it doesn’t in some way affect you personally, you probably don’t really stop to think about it. I have been affected by this, as readers of my blog will know. And after almost 20 years, I can still relate, and still understand the pain, the suffering, and the heartache that is causes. But more than focusing on the consequences of suicide, I want to focus…

Can I make a difference in the world today?
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Last year on this day my world got shaken up. Belgium, the country I live in, and love, got attacked by terrorists, resulting in the death of 35 people and injuring 340 others. The last of the wounded was released from the hospital in February of this year, almost 11 months after the attack. The press reported the possibility of these victims having to possibly return to the hospital for further treatments and possible prosthetics. The impact was far reaching. Today, one year after this horrific event, London, the city where so many of my family and loved ones live in, was also attacked. The reports so far have numbered the deaths at 4 and the injured in the twenties. I remember last year as being the day that brought terrorism to my back door. One of the terrorists literally past by one of my businesses on his escape route. I felt all kinds of emotions: anger, hurt, fear, worry, frustration, empathy,… I remember watching the images over and over until I couldn’t handle it anymore, and making sure none of my nearest and dearest was caught in the chaos that abounded. Today so many commemorations were held to remember…

Lake Town by Jane Redd
Geen categorie / 1 March 2017

Happy Release Day to Jane Redd. This book is a great read, one that had me turning pages at top speed until late at night! Book USA Today bestselling author Jane Redd presents LAKE TOWN, A Solstice Novel, #2: Jezebel James is on the run after her true abilities are discovered by the Legislature, and the only one who can protect her is Sol. In order to survive, Sol sends her into an underground hideout where she quickly discovers all that she thought was true in her dying world is false. Jez reunites with Rueben and his band of insurgents, and together they escape to Lake Town, only to find that the entire island is preparing to invade the City. But Sol has been left behind and forced to join the ranks of the Faction, who are working against the Legislature from within. As Jez works with the insurgents and their plan to destroy the City, she learns that attacking the City might save thousands of lives, but it will destroy Sol, the man she knows she can’t live without. Praise for SOLSTICE, Book #1: “In this slickly told YA sci-fi tale by Redd, climate change has brought about the…

The Rise of Miss Notley – Book Blast + $50 Giveaway
Geen categorie / 27 February 2017

    The Rise of Miss Notley by Rachael Anderson When Miss Coralynn Notley’s father barters her off to the first titled gentleman to come along, she realizes she must flee her home or be forced to wed a despicable man. Driven by desperation, she applies for the position of housekeeper at Tanglewood Manor, the home of the handsome Mr. Jonathan Ludlow. The moment Jonathan sees Miss Notley, he is intrigued. She is far too young and inexperienced, yet there is something about her that that inspires a certain hope within him. Does he dare offer her the position of housekeeper or will doing so result in catastrophe?   Excerpt Cora nodded and followed Mr. Ludlow into the parlor. He closed the doors and stood in front of them with his arms folded, looking far more intimidating than he had during their last meeting. He said nothing, merely lifted an inquiring eyebrow and waited. Caught unprepared, Cora stared at him, trying to organize her thoughts into words. After a few moments of awkward silence, he lost patience. “What is it you wished to speak with me about, Mrs. Notley? Or are we to stand here staring at each other all…

Resolutions and Goals and the Craziness It Causes
Geen categorie / 7 January 2017

In 2016 I, like so many people out there set a list of goals, resolutions if you will. I also decided to set a reading goal for the very first time. I wanted to see if I could put a number to the amount of books I was going to read, as I never really keep count. So being the planner that I am, I made an excel document, and typed up all the books I had already agreed on reading, and made a neat little list to keep track of my progression. I set the goal to read 100 books in 1 year, and as I started off, it seemed like a pretty high goal, but an achievable one. As the months past, I got the impression I was definitely going to make it. I even got a little crazy and embarked on a very adventurous and ambitious other project, but I’ll fill you in on that later. Then life kicked in, at a much faster gear, and plastered me to my seat. I literally lost my bearing there for a minute. And with it I kind of went on auto-pilot, getting all the urgent matters done, but there was…

How I Met Your Brother by Janette Rallison – Book 11 in the Power of the Matchmaker Series
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This book released on the 1st! It is the 11th book in this series, and exactly what I remember of a Janette Rallison read! Book The best day of his life, the worst day of hers. Back in college, Marco Dawson never thought of Belle as anything more than a friend. If she had crossed his mind on his wedding day, it was probably only to wonder why she hadn’t shown up to be a bridesmaid. After all, his new wife was her old roommate. Seven years have passed since then, and Belle just found out that Marco is divorced and vacationing with his family in an elegant Cancun resort. She’s not about to let the right man get away twice. She heads to the resort where she plans to casually bump into Marco and ignite some romantic flames. But Belle hadn’t planned on one thing: Flynn Dawson, Marco’s handsome, charming, and determined twin brother. He thinks Marco and his ex-wife can make amends and he’s not about to let Belle stand in the way. Part Sabrina, part While You Were Sleeping, romantic comedy readers will eat this book up! Review Isabelle has loves Marco since she laid eyes on…