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14 May 2015

I hated reading when I was a child. I really did. I still find that almost unbelievable, as I probably read somewhere between 2-4 books a week now.

I love to read mostly contemporary romances, but enjoy a good thriller, fantasy novel, suspense, chick lit, teen and young adult,… I’m not too picky as long as the book is clean. I hate to get into a book, get attached to it, and then come across a graphic sex scene, or be put off by profanity. I’m a strong believer that a good story can and should be told without using any graphic sex or bad language. I also feel certain things should be left up to your own imagination.

I am a self-employed mother of 4 lovely, busy children. They keep me on my toes, and don’t allow me a lot of free time. I have a great husband, who works hectic hours, and so I read to have a break from all the stress of everyday life. I love to get sucked into a great feel good story to unwind after a long day. I also love to start my day by reading. Yes I do actually get up 30 minutes earlier every weekday and read. I find it helps me face the troops (as I like to call my 4 energetic kids) in a good state of mind. Because this mommy needs her down time and her books!

Mylissa Demeyere


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